Sleepless in suburbia

Nestled into bed on this Tuesday evening I cannot find sheep to count. Laying on wrinkled sheets with the ceiling and portable fans spinning the air won’t cool down to my liking. With company in the kitchen and the realization that no one I am interested in spending time with is in town…I am flustered…sleepless. … Continue reading

It’s the first week of summer.

It’s the first week of summer. I’ve already begun to feel older, freaking out about delayed graduation, degree plan malfunctions and student loan debt. Maybe all of these things are happening now in preparation for the “senioritis” that is sure to ensue come August. With virtually everyone floating the river or packing up for home, … Continue reading

¡Cinco de Mayo!

Sarah turned 21 the week of finals. Of course, we celebrated with her as much as our schedules would allow, we understood the weekend would be our best bet of throwing her a birthday celebration to remember. It began with a trip to the grocery store for Jello, chips and queso. All staples at a … Continue reading