¡Cinco de Mayo!

Sarah turned 21 the week of finals. Of course, we celebrated with her as much as our schedules would allow, we understood the weekend would be our best bet of throwing her a birthday celebration to remember.
It began with a trip to the grocery store for Jello, chips and queso. All staples at a Cinco de Mayo party. We pulled up the rugs and hung streamers in festive colors. Her roommates were helpful in planning drinks, food and decorations.
Nearly forty people showed face at the fiesta, and nearly everyone had themselves a good time. Lots of flirting, dancing and laughing took place before the end of the evening.
I stayed at Sarah’s until 4:30 a.m. cleaning counters and throwing away trash strewn all over the apartment. There were a few stragglers finding rides home and settling up sleepovers before I finally left.
Today I spent some time at Sarah’s recounting last night’s events. The hilarity of who was flirting with whom and the “she did what’s” were enough to make any negative remnants of the

fiesta go away.


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