Is it possible that PR is turning me hipster?

I just walked out of the house without saying goodbye. Computer in tow, I set off to a coffee shop with free WiFi. Is working in public relations turning me into a tech/word/coffee aficionado and hipster? There are a few too many apps and social stigmas in my life to merit my being solely a PR girl anymore.

Instagram: An app where squares can turn ordinarily boring camera photos into hipster works of genius.

This ordinary photo of iced coffee was turned “cool” by uploading it through Instagram.

Coffee shops: Once a place where people went to drink their energy and share in conversations, coffee shops are now a place for flannel-wearing, specialized drink-drinking and computer-bearing bloggers. Wait, that brings me to another point. Blogs: I’m not quite sure how or why blogs were started. I think they’re kind of like online diaries. (Therefore, edit them accordingly.) So if blogs are meant to convey valuable information for a particular audience, I guess this should make blogging more of a PR technique than a total hipster move. I’ll let you be the ones to judge. Comuters in public: If you’re over the age of 30 and have brought your computer to a coffee shop, or any other public place, it is more than likely you are working. My dad occassionally works in coffee shops when he travels but is self-conscious about hogging a chair or table for too long. For those of us under 30 I think we can sum up that we’ve done so for some sort of socializing. I may  blog now, but during the school year I’m browsing Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest when I should be working on an essay. So. What do you think about blogging in a coffee shop, PR or hipster?


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