Funky blues

Mom and I became artsy-fartsy with the help of B.Y.O.B. night and a really great painting instructor. Pink moscato in our left hands, we each took a paint brush up with our right and slapped blue paint onto canvas. The women across from us had two bottles of wine…so we weren’t acting too crazy!

Painting with a Twist I don’t think we could’ve asked for a better Friday night together. After finishing our paintings at Painting with a Twist we headed over to USwirl for a little froyo treat. I say “little” but what I mean is overflowing bowls. What? I don’t pretend not to like food.

Needless to say, we’ve had a great week together. She’s leaving at the crack-of-dawn tomorrow so I’m convincing her to take me out for a few last treats. We’ve seen “Abraham Lincoln:Vampire Hunter” and “Magic Mike” so it might be time for “The Amazing Spider Man,” just to even out our up-and-down genre tastes.


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