Meetings, tours and everything OTC

We’d been planning it for months, the weeks had crept by and finally it was time for Officer Training Tri Delta Executive OfficeComittee retreat. Molly, Sarah and I decided to “retreat” in Waco this year, versus last year’s trip to a theme park, so we could really buckle-down and talk-out everything going on this semester.

First we went to dinner at Newk’s then sat in the chapter room for a few hours. Although our first night of meeting was a little stressful, Sarah actually looked at me and started laughing at how wide-eyed I was at one point, we didn’t get much done.

The following morning we departed Waco for Arlington, Texas to visit Tri Delta Executive Office. We grabbed Starbuck’s and headed out in set of what we anticipated to be a morning filled with answers about how Tri Delta came to be along with more Milk chocolate vanilla cupcakebasic answers about our chapter in particular. When we arrived at exec. it was pretty clear we wouldn’t have all of our questions answered. We were expecting a great tour with people we could talk to about our own issues, but we got an okay tour (still unpacking from convention) and no questions answered. We did, however, get to shop in Delta Shop Sophie’s warehouse.

Driving between Arlington and Dallas, we happened upon a Corner Bakery for lunch and Sprinkles for dessert. I even picked up one of the cans of pumpkin flavored mix to bake sometime this fall. While we were in the area, we discovered the University of Texas at Arlington Tri Delta house and snapped a few pictures.

The rest of the weekend we worked through issues but overall the sense of stress decreased greatly. Jenna, our wonderful alumna advisor, dropped in on our last meeting that Sunday and solved every issue we couldn’t wrap our minds around. We’re so sad that she’ll be leaving us and moving to Dallas soon! Thank goodness for email correspondence, though.


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