Nerd Boss.

Have you ever read more than thirty books in one summer? No, I’m not talking AR point books. Course, I’m not talking books for a purpose like school or book club either. I’m asking, have you ever read thirty books that you’ve chosen to read, and enjoyed, in one summer?
I started off the summer by reading the “Fifty Shades of Grey” trilogy, twice. The first time i read the trilogy I was so eager to get to the next steamy scene that I finished it within a long weekend. I read it for a second time a few weeks later and enjoyed the drama equally as much.

Middlesex, novel

Middlesex is a pulitzer-prize winning novel by Jeffrey Eugenides.

To counter-act the “pool book” reads of sexy romance novels, I dove into the stack of novels I’d amassed from my grandmother. Traipsing the fine line between utterly awkward and momentously compelling, i found myself crawling through “”Middlesex,” a Pulitzer Prize winning novel about a young hermaphrodite. Explaining this one to my pool-mates was not so easy.
Throughout the remainder of the summer I found myself going back-and-forth between steamy romances and semi-literary masterpieces.


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