In Yo Dreams

As part of the public relations capstone course, I’ve been assigned to a group project in which we’ll work with a Waco organization on a campaign. Of course we wanted to work within the food industry, and with a local group with ties to the Baylor community. We chose Yo Dreams Yogurt as our organization because we all wanted to help this new company off the ground within our community.

Yo Dreams Waco

Yo Dreams Yogurt serves the Waco and Baylor University with great customer service and always fresh frozen yogurt.

Yo Dreams is owned by three brothers in their twenties who have experience in running other frozen yogurt stores. We’ve met with them a couple of times now and have enjoyed every conversation. The oldest brother, Adam, owned a Yo Dreams in Lewisville, Texas that he recently closed because he wants to work with his brothers for time management reasons. Middle brother, Bret, is the owner of Weigh Station in Belton, Texas that is still open and the only frozen yogurt in the area. A couple of the Yo Dreams Waco employees are former Weigh Station employees who’ve worked for Bret. Youngest brother, Cole, we have yet to meet but from everything his brothers have said of him, he seems to be an eager young entrepreneur with a fun personality.

Members of our group, Katie Burns, Madeline Lloyd, Brent Salter and myself each have experience in the public relations field through course work and internships. We each bring something different to the table for this Yo Dreams campaign. Our main goal for Yo Dreams is to tap into the Baylor University student body as the primary audience and gain much attention for the catering that Yo Dreams offers. With so many on- and off-campus events needing catering, if Yo Dreams can make it onto the approved list of vendors for Baylor, their service will be the first of its kind on the list.


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