My Dreams for Yo Dreams

We came into the Yo Dreams Yogurt project when the store was first opening its doors. For this reason, I think our whole public relations team has taken on the company as our baby. The overall goal of our PR plan is creating a substantial market for Yo Dreams on the Baylor Universitycampus.

A variety of toppings may be added to the frozen yogurt served at Yo Dreams Yogurt.

Every time I’ve visited Yo Dreams Yogurtsince their soft opening, I’ve seen more and more first-time and repeat visitors entering their doors. It makes me proud to see my friends liking their Facebook page and taking their friends along to try their frozen yogurt. I’ve made it a personal goal for most of the members in my sorority and the other organizations I’m involved with to visit Yo Dreams Yogurt before they’d consider travelling across Waco to eat frozen yogurt at other locations.

Yo Dreams Yogurt uses their own recipe to mix the strawberry yogurt found in their La Salle Avenue store.

I’d like to see Yo Dreams Yogurt put onto the Baylor Student Activities’ list of vendors student groups may use to cater events. Once this has taken place, organizations can hold events where Yo Dreams brings their catering truck out and caters to the members’ needs. When Yo Dreams is an approved caterer their business will expand like no other frozen yogurt company in the area. Not only will student groups be able to have them cater, but any weddings or outside groups on the Baylor campus can use them also.


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