Always a bridesmaid, never the bride…

Okay, I promise I’m not nearly as whiney about my friends getting engaged as the headline suggests.

My beautiful big got engaged to her perfect guy yesterday evening. I was privileged to help Breck find flowers, the perfect spot on their bridges to propose and to be there for the proposal. I can’t explain how special it was to be there with Kelsey and Breck when they made their first promises to be together forever. They’re the couple you want to be when you do finally find yourself in a relationship.

The Happy CoupleIt’s such a neat experience to witness two people you know fall in love and become a family. Breck reenacted their first four dates the day of his proposal to Kelsey by taking her to lunch at Pei Wei, stopping by Common Grounds and sitting at their favorite couch, walking along the bridges near the Brazos and finally eating dessert at Diamondbacks. Although their day had its ups-and-downs, mostly because it was the first trip back to Baylor for Kelsey, it seems to have turned out perfectly!

I’ve got the last two weeks of July reserved for their wedding date!


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