Image Repair: Literature Review

So this literature review is both easier and harder than I first realized.

It’s one thing to brainstorm awesome extramarital affairs that are somehow tied into politics, it’s another to find peer-reviewed articles about their image repair strategies post-crisis. Thusfar, Katie Burns and I have discovered the Clinton and Weiner affairs should be fairly easy to cover, but we’re hoping for one or two more affairs to work off of.

Clinton at first refuted and allegations of sexual relations with Lewinsky. He eventually apologized to the public.

With the Clinton and Lewinsky affair, it’s been long enough that researchers have collected any and every bit of information they could hope to come across and thank goodness for that: Katie and I now have plenty of peer-reviewed articles to base our lit review off of! Unfortunately, with Weiner and other more recent affairs it is more difficult to disseminate the garbage articles with the credible and reputable ones.

Weiner apologized to his family and the public. He’s still married to his wife.

Our literature review of the Clinton affair covers his communication and image repair strategies for both his presidency and this crisis. He was encouraged by pollsters and politcal communication advisors to apologize as soon as the Lewinsky story broke but instead insisted he was not at fault of any extramarital affair with Lewinsky. He later apologized to the public and was impeached from presidency. He remains the only president to leave office with a higher public opinion score than when he took office.


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