For the Love of Horses

When Dr. Heidi Marcum and her sister Mary began taking care of horses in 1999 they planned on keeping up with two for leisurely rides on their family’s property north of Waco, Texas. Two horses quickly became four, and then seven, and eventually turned their collection of horses into well-over 40.
Each animal on their property seems to have an interesting, if not heart-wrenching, story to tell.
“When they tell the story of their horses and why they take care of them, it’s not for pity. When others talk of this farm and what Heidi and Mary do out here, they talk about how much good they are doing for these creatures,” pre-vet student Emily Davis said.
It’s true too. The horses on this farm come from abusive homes and are often so starved and fearful of humans when they arrive it takes years of equine therapy to get them healthy and interactive again.
Heidi and Mary have adopted former race horses who’ve luckily retired with unshattered knees, former laboratory test subjects, and lame horses that seem of no use to humans any longer. Each horse is cared for by volunteers like Davis who drive out to the farm a few times a week for feedings and therapy.


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