If you’re in college or have friends who’ve recently been apart of sorority recruitment, you’ve probably seen this hashtag more times than not over the past week.
When squeely young women treked back to school early last week they brought back with them illness, and gained lower immune defenses. Sleepless nights spent in chapter rooms with hundreds of women in them became breeding grounds for influenza (type a and b), strep throat and the common cold. Though normally these women could crawl into their beds and pump themselves full of vitamin c, recruitment week dictated they were needed in parties for the betterment of their chapters.
Luckily some chapters forced members with flu-like symptoms to steer clear of the rest of the chapter or the “recruitment plague” may have been much worse. I’ve heard of whole chapters being affected by illness in this first week of class and meetings having been postponed.
As I write this, i’m soaking in a bubble bath of epsom salts, inhaling the steamy hot water to open my lungs back up. Although I doubt i’ve been hit with the plague of last week, I feel sure that before my allergies have cleared someone near me will be hit with worse symptoms. I just hope for their sake they’ll have whatever ailment over the long weekend so they may recuperate in peace.


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