Writing. Wishing.

Talking, thinking, writing, wishing. This semester has had me on my toes. Before the spring semester began I had an interview in Dallas for a position I was really interested in. Timing circumstances got in the way and I was unable to accept the position, but boy did iThank You Notet make me feel good that I had options!
As the semester has continued, I’ve been drawn to many positions at a variety of companies. As I’ve discussed with fellow marketing and public relations students, it seems like there are plenty of positions to apply for, but not too many companies are responding to our inquiries. I’ll admit, it has become easier to network and find positions which could be mutually beneficial, but the whole job search process has me asking questions.
Why do companies advertise for positions and never respond to applicants? It seems to me companies would want to send out a “thank you for applying” email to keep-up a good image. Even the applicants who’ve not been selected for further review should receive some kind of note, even if it’s a “no thank you,” right? Maybe the companies who’ve not done so, should re-evaluate their communication from those who correspond with applicants. (Hey, hire me and I’ll teach ’em the PR etiquette for all this!)
How much experience do companies really expect from recent graduates? I’ve held multiple internships and have worked steadily since I was 16 years old. In an email conversation with a Baylor alumna, I was awakened to the reality that little of my “work experience” is applicable for the 1-3 years of work experience many companies ask for in entry-level positions. My cover letters and resumes have to do the talking for me in most cases, so I’ve done my darn’dest in relaying all that I know. It’s still a terrifying idea to not be qualified for even an entry-level position, at least according to the alumna I spoke with.
As of today, I have a phone intWelcome to Wisconsinerview lined-up with a company I would love to work for. If all goes well, I’ll be heading to Wisconsin sometime during the summer. Until then, I’ll stay here in Waco and work for Yo Dreams and be living with my best friend. She hates the idea of my moving to another state, but I’ve promised to find a big dairy farmer for her to marry so she can live in Wisconsin with me!


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