Writing. Wishing.

Talking, thinking, writing, wishing. This semester has had me on my toes. Before the spring semester began I had an interview in Dallas for a position I¬†was really interested in. Timing circumstances got in the way and I was unable to accept the position, but boy did it make me feel good that I had … Continue reading

A Work in Progress

I’ve been thinking what it means to be a work in progress. Applying for “big girl” jobs, I’ve tried thinking realistically about who I want to be now that my options are the most limitless they’ve ever been. I could jet-set off to a foreign land and start afresh with no claims, join the Peace … Continue reading


If you’re in college or have friends who’ve recently been apart of sorority recruitment, you’ve probably seen this hashtag more times than not over the past week. When squeely young women treked back to school early last week they brought back with them illness, and gained lower immune defenses. Sleepless nights spent in chapter rooms … Continue reading

Easy Guac

I can’t claim to be the best cook around, but when I do choose to put my hands into something it’s usually pretty easy and of course, tasty. Today’s concoction is Mom’s easy guacamole. It takes three-to-four ingredients to put together this Tex-Mex snack and the two minutes it takes to whip it together is … Continue reading

For the Love of Horses

When Dr. Heidi Marcum and her sister Mary began taking care of horses in 1999 they planned on keeping up with two for leisurely rides on their family’s property north of Waco, Texas. Two horses quickly became four, and then seven, and eventually turned their collection of horses into well-over 40. Each animal on their … Continue reading

Image Repair: Literature Review

So this literature review is both easier and harder than I first realized. It’s one thing to brainstorm awesome extramarital affairs that are somehow tied into politics, it’s another to find peer-reviewed articles about their image repair strategies post-crisis. Thusfar, Katie Burns and I have discovered the Clinton and Weiner affairs should be fairly easy … Continue reading