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My Dreams for Yo Dreams

We came into the Yo Dreams Yogurt project when the store was first opening its doors. For this reason, I think our whole public relations team has taken on the company as our baby. The overall goal of our PR plan is creating a substantial market for Yo Dreams on the Baylor Universitycampus. Every time I’ve visited Yo Dreams … Continue reading

In Yo Dreams

As part of the public relations capstone course, I’ve been assigned to a group project in which we’ll work with a Waco organization on a campaign. Of course we wanted to work within the food industry, and with a local group with ties to the Baylor community. We chose Yo Dreams Yogurt as our organization because … Continue reading

Nerd Boss.

Have you ever read more than thirty books in one summer? No, I’m not talking AR point books. Course, I’m not talking books for a purpose like school or book club either. I’m asking, have you ever read thirty books that you’ve chosen to read, and enjoyed, in one summer? I started off the summer by … Continue reading


I can taste the skunk-stench in my mouth it is so strong here in the office. One of the pest technicians got sprayed while catching a skunk that was terrorizing a neighborhood and thought it’d be funny to walk into the office. Yes we were laughing, but out of shock. I printed a recipe for … Continue reading